I think I know you. You want to be thinner, fitter, eat better, go to bed earlier and stress less. You know you have some “bad habits” that you could probably change, but you’ve tried that before and it didn’t work.

You know what you need to do to get yourself out of this rut, but all you can see right now is how busy you are, how cold/hot it is outside, how much you don’t like exercise, how unfit you feel, how much you like your weekly take-away/chocolate/alcohol fix and basically how impossible it seems to be a glowing, healthy version of yourself.

Wellness Coaching helps move you from “I wish I was…” to the “I am…” through goal setting and small, manageable and consistent changes in behavior – all unique to your obstacles, strengths, strategies and your own personal definition of “wellness”. 



Initial consultation: $80

Follow up consults: $50

6-month pre-paid program*: $380

*includes initial consult + weekly consults over first 8 weeks, fortnightly consults over following 8 weeks, 2 monthly consults + online support and relevant materials + wellness evaluation and forward planning session. Over $700 in value for $380!