Every now and then we all need a squirt of extra exercise to bolster up the motivation, work off a Winter coast or get ourselves out of a rut. Early mornings, love ’em or hate ’em, it’s a damn good time to fit some exercise in.

Our Sunrise Sessions are held every school term in 8 week blocks. We do it Monday + Thursday mornings at 6am. #hardcore

Locations are scattered all over Ballarat town, usually sporting ovals, parks and some of my best-kept-secret spots. If you’re a registered sunrise session peep, you’ll find out in due course (I do my best to create a Mission Impossible kind of delivery, but it’s really just an email or facebook post). In Winter, we do these Sunrise Session, without the sun and indoors at Ballarat Futsal Centre.

Workout wise, it’s probably a notch up from the Group Training sessions, but as far as a PT goes, I’m all heart and always happy to improvise for the sore, tired, injured, grumpy, not-as-fit-as-I’d-like kind of participant, because, we’ve all been there.

Sunrise Sessions go for 45 minutes, so you’ll be home by 7am, full of good vibes, ready to power on with day.

The next round of Sunrise Sessions starts on Monday Feb 5th. Book via eventbrite

If you have any questions, drop me a line