Shed Sessions

Sometimes working out in a group is intimidating, inconvenient or distracting (where did she get those leggings from?). Sometimes you just want the attention of the trainer all to yourself. And we can do that.

Personal training sessions are conducted from In Your Element HQ (AKA designated training shed). The space is small, but with weights, a suspension trainer, a bike, medicine balls, resistance bands, boxing gloves and kettlebells we can do loads of things.

Like the group training, my focus is to get you moving and loving it. I don’t weigh, measure or fitness test, because it’s kinda against my philosophies.

At each session you’ll be supported, encouraged and monitored through a workout that is do-able but challenging for you.

Personal training can be done 1:1 or in small groups of up to four people.



1 hour, 1 person: $50

1 hour, 2 people: $80

1 hour, 3 people: $100

1 hour, 4 people: $110


30 mins, 1 person: $30

30 mins, 2 people: $50

30 mins, 3 people: $60

30 mins, 4 people: $70