Parenting is hard.

And it is even harder if you haven't had some time to look after yourself. Almost every mother that I have spoken to, says they can handle the craziness of parenting, if they have made the time to exercise. So that’s what we do. We’re mums who make time to exercise. To keep us fit. To keep us healthy. To keep us sane. 

At the group training sessions there is zero focus on physique, weight or colour-coordinated, overpriced active wear. We just work out. And because kids can come along, we also change nappies, run toilet-training toddlers to the bathroom, lunge while holding babies and accept that when in a plank position, you become a human jungle gym. 

All fitness levels are welcome. We run sometimes, but you don’t have to. Walking is ok. We do push ups. On our toes is great, knees are ok too and even using a wall to help build you up to the big kohuna is a smart move. There’s burpees from time to time, but believe it or not, I have ways to make them easier: if you need. Or more challenging: if you need. Basically, my philosophy is “everyone’s best is equal.” So come along and do the best you can do!

We sometimes have coffee and cake afterwards. And we don’t count the calories. 

If you're keen, just turn up. We're at Major League Indoor Sports Centre (502 Howitt St Soldier's Hill) every Wednesday & Friday at 9:30am.

Bring a towel and water bottle.

Cost is $10 paid on the day (cash only) or $85 for a 10 pass.

Contact In Your Element for more information.