Hi there

Well hello there! Thanks for taking a little looksy at my brand new webpage. #whoopwhoop Yep, I've got a new webpage, a new business venture and for those that know me closely, a new lease on life...

jump excited new

I've been sniffing around the area of fitness, health and wellbeing for years. I've been a fitness instructor for over a decade, I've studied Feng Shui, I've sunk my teeth right into the food debates that currently prey on social media enthusiasts and more recently, I've passionately explored areas of psychology in relation to food and fitness and, I've kicked off a love affair with  wellness coaching.

I finally feel like it is all consolidating. Aren't your 30s just brilliant for that? (the only shame is that while my mind is coming together my body is falling apart...).

This blogging area of my web page is going to serve as my creative outlet. Sure, I'll try to stick to fitnessy type stuff but because I believe fitness isn't just about being able to run or jump or burpee, I'm likely to babble on about anything.

I'm still finding my way around this online little nook I have created (with quite a fair bit of assistance from my super-cyber-savvy sister), so if you see something that is a little out of place let me know. And likewise somewhere around here there should be a button to follow me, like me and/or get regular updates from me.... I don't know. Just click away and see what happens....