I’m Naomi, front and centre with sparkly, aviator sunnies.

I’m Naomi, front and centre with sparkly, aviator sunnies.


This is good for you. Women need time out. They need to mix with other likeminded women. They need a bonus shot of endorphins.  They need to feel fit, healthy and confident. 

So then they can get on with ALL. THE. THINGS.

Hi, I’m Naomi, the sole-operator of In Your Element. I am passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing, especially when it comes to mothers of young children. I have over fifteen years’ experience in the fitness industry and over a decade of experience (slash, fumbling along as best I can) in mothering.  

My philosophy is that fitness is physical, social, emotional and mental. I like to create non-competitive environments where women of all fitness levels can come and exercise for the physiological benefits, the chance to connect with other mothers, improve mental clarity and positive thinking, and build confidence. I figure if you’ve got all this in sync, you’ll be “In Your Element.”

If you want to know more about me, group training, personal training or wellness coaching, just contact me.