Personal Training

My personal training focus is simple: To get you moving. I don't weigh you, measure you, pinch fat or test your fitness. As your PT, I will design and motivate you through workouts that suit where you are at and what goals you have. Personal Training will give you the variety, intensity and accountability that you may need to stay active. 



The In Your Element group training sessions are designed around my core fundamentals: that fitness is physical, mental, social and emotional.  The classes are designed to tick all of those boxes. I specialise in working with women who need to exercise for confidence, sanity, strength and social engagement. 

Wellness Coaching

I don't believe in quick fixes. Regardless what you want for your health - whether that's weight loss, better nutrition, decreased stress, improved sleep-quality or work-life balance - it takes a series of small and consistent changes. As your Wellness Coach, I'll help you develop and work through small, manageable steps to get you there.

From the Blog

"In your element classes are absolutely amazing! Naomi is very welcoming, she caters to every fitness level and always produces great classes. The class is family friendly and my kids look forward to going every week. Highly recommend trying the classes you won't be disappointed!" - Nicole Phillips (April 2017)