When it comes to getting healthier, we see time and time again people committing to a prescribed program (eg: “8 week bikini body”, “12 week transformation”, “get fit in just 6 weeks”). People persist at the programs for weeks, months (even years) but then eventually fall back into their status quo. Then they either repeat the cycle or be so damaged from the feeling of failure that they are afraid to try again.

If your approach to health and fitness is dictated by someone else, the likelihood of long term success is minimal.

Wellness Coaching puts you in the drivers seat. You are the expert of your own wellbeing. You know what your ideal picture of health is. You know what obstacles you have and what changes you can manage. Wellness Coaching is just the co-driver navigating you to discover it all!

Through a series of regular discussions (face to face or online) changes that you can make towards a healthier version of yourself are mapped out and acted upon, until you reach your wellbeing goals. The ultimate goal of Wellness Coaching is that your healthy lifestyle is custom designed by you, for you, and that maintaining it is reasonably effortless (we call this “self-efficacy”).

The results may not be fast – but they are more likely to last long term.

If it was going to make a magazine cover it may read “Live the healthy life you want for as long as you want, with as much or as little effort as you can manage”.

If you want me to be your co-drier towards your health and fitness, contact me here.