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Group Training

Bootcamp. Circuit. Fitness Classes. Whatever you call it, the Group Training Sessions provide an exercise option that is adaptable for all fitness levels. There’s running, but you can sprint or you can walk. There’s lifting and you can do the heavy weights or weight free. The sessions provide an opportunity to work out in a fun, non-competitive environment.


personal training

Personal Training

Personal Training with In Your Element is not about weighing, measuring, pinching fat or fitness testing. It’s simply a way to get a good quality work out with a good quality trainer. Affectionately known as #shedsessions, personal training will give you the variety, intensity and accountability that you may need to stay active.


wellness coaching

Wellness Coaching

Whether it’s weight loss, fitness, sleep, stress, nutrition or work-life balance, do you know you need to change something to become healthier, but can’t seem to make change stick? Wellness Coaching helps you define your personal vision of health and navigates you through your self-designed set of changes that lead to life-long wellbeing habits.

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